Three areas you need to get organized to stay organized on the go

Mar 14, 2023
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Life is crazy busy, and it never seems to slow down. Am I right, or am I right?! For me, if I’m not working my 9-5, I’m working on TOA. If I’m not working on TOA, I’m investing time into my relationships. If I’m not investing time into my relationships, I’m cooking, cleaning, working out, volunteering, etc., etc., etc. It never stops!

Whether you’re a working woman like me, a super mom, or both, you’re probably also always on the go. Because of this, it’s important to stay organized no matter where you’re running off to! There are three main areas in your life that you should get organized so that whether you’re at the office, soccer practice, or the grocery store, you’re never scrambling looking for what you need.


It’s important to have an organized car

If you’re constantly going from one place to the next, what better way to make life easy on yourself than to have an organized car?

I recommend the following set-up:

  • Keep an emergency kit in your trunk. This should include blankets, towels, hats/gloves/scarves, bottled water, flashlights and batteries, a small tool kit, and items such as jumper cables, antifreeze, washer fluid, etc. These items ensure that you’re prepared for most emergencies, but because you’ll rarely need to access them, keeping them in the trunk is just fine. For a full list of recommended emergency kit items, look here.
  • Keep snacks and napkins in the glove box. Snacks should be simple, like granola bars and trail mix packs. Having these within an arm’s reach is perfect should hunger hit unexpectedly.
  • Keep seasonal items, such as umbrellas and ice scrapers, under the passenger seat. By placing them here, they’re easily accessible should you need them, but they’re out of the way since they’re used sparingly. As my fellow Midwesterners know, the weather can change in an instant, so don’t overlook this part!
  • Keep cleaning supplies in the car door. You don’t need anything major – just some Lysol wipes and paper towels, really. Similar to the above, by keeping these items in the car door, you have easy access to them should you need them, but they’ll likely be used sparingly!
  • Keep toiletries and a first aid kit in the console. You’ll use items like tissues, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, and Band-Aids relatively often, so having them close by is important.

This “organized car” list is just to get you started, so please, remember to do what works for you!


An organized purse is key

I don’t know about you, but one thing I always have with me no matter where I’m headed is my purse. I’ve got a few organizing hacks I use so that I’m never frantically rummaging around my purse looking for what I need, and I hope they help you! Just remember that you know your situation – the nature of your job, if you’ve got kiddos or not, etc. – better than me, so adjust these recommendations as needed.

Without further ado, I recommend:

  • Buying a purse with compartments, or purchasing smaller bags to place inside your purse. These compartments or smaller bags will act as bins, if you will, keeping like items together at all times. Think: gum and mints, feminine products, writing utensils, etc.
  • Having an “everything you need bag,” or a bag with your most-used items that you can easily transfer from one purse to the next. Mine includes ibuprofen, floss sticks, ChapStick, tampons and liners, Band-Aids, tissues, and my inhaler. If you’re in a hurry and can’t transfer all of your purse’s belongings, you know the “everything you need bag” will likely get you through.
  • Implementing an easy way of identifying your keys. Mine, for example, are on a wristlet with bright geometric shapes. If for any reason my keys get shifted out of place in my purse, I can look in there and see exactly where my keys are because of the bright shape identifier.

An organized purse is easy to attain, I promise, and it truly is such a game-changer in your daily life!


Having an organized phone is more helpful than you think

When we think “organization,” we often only think about physical spaces. Our digital homes are just as important to organize, though! As busy women who are trying to stay organized on the go, a decluttered, systematized phone is crucial. To achieve this, I recommend doing the following:

  • Color code your commitments on a calendar app. I use the standard Apple Calendars app, and it works great for me. My 9-5 commitments are in turquoise, my TOA commitments are in pink, and my personal commitments are in purple. I can look at my schedule for the day and immediately know exactly where my time is being spent, saving me time and keeping me on track.
  • Clear out unnecessary apps. If you still have Temple Run downloaded from 10 years ago and you haven’t opened it in, well, 10 years, it’s probably time to delete it. Just like with our physical items, there’s no use in hanging on to digital items that aren’t serving you anymore and are just taking up space.
  • Organize your apps into folders. How you set your folders up is up to you. I like categories, such as “Social Media,” “Work,” “Food,” “Travel,” etc., but other people like app colors. As long as it keeps you organized and efficient, it works!

Our whole lives are on our phones nowadays. For people like us, women who have a ton on our plates that we’re expected to juggle, it’s important that we keep our lives in order…which means keeping our phones organized!


As much as I value relaxing, I’ll be honest – I do love living a life on the go! And I truly think the only reason I’m able to do it is that I stay so organized no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

I hope you found this post helpful! If you’re looking for more tips on how to stay organized in your home and your life, follow me on Instagram @theorganizedaesthetic.


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