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At the intersection of function and style.

Imagine walking into your home and knowing where everything is. Systems are in place, there's no clutter in sight, and your space looks like a page straight out of a magazine.


What feelings does this image bring to you?

Joy? Motivation? Relief?


That's the organized aesthetic.

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Hi, I'm Natalie.

Part-time professional organizer, full-time health marketer, cat mom, and chicken nugget enthusiast.

I've always been hyper-organized. We're talking crying at the ripe age of 7 if a sock lost its counterpart in the laundry...hey, I am who I am!

It's safe to say organization keeps me sane, but it does more than that. It saves me time and keeps me in control of my space, which is exactly why I started The Organized Aesthetic.

I want to help you take back your life by transforming your environment. Hire me, and I'll curate systems specifically for you that keep your space fresh and running smoothly. Sound good?


"Working with Natalie was fantastic! I worked with her virtually and the transformation of my space is truly mind-blowing! Natalie was so helpful and positive during the entire process, and she has broken things down into manageable steps that were easy to do between sessions. I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone!!"


"We had a fabulous experience with Natalie! She worked with us to organize our entire kitchen and pantry. She took the time to consult with us on our goals for the space, maximized our budget and used our preferred retailers, and provided multiple options when our needs changed. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Chicago area!"