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Picture this...

You know that never-ending to-do list that has you feeling overwhelmed? You have a grasp on it. In fact, not only do you have a grasp on it, but you've got your time management skills so buttoned up that you even have extra time for yourself to take that bubble bath or have a glass of wine. Your home is in order and easy to piece back together, even when life gets chaotic. You take things in stride and are equipped with the tools and habits you need to avoid letting a change in routine or a cluttered counter throw you off. You’re HER, the woman who has her shit together, and everyone knows it…including you.

Now, with this image in your head, take a deep breath in and out. Feel that sense of balance? Intention? Joy?

That’s the organized aesthetic…and that’s exactly what I can help you achieve.

Virtual organizing

Does your space have you feeling overwhelmed? Ever wish you could just follow a blueprint to get everything in order? Virtual organizing is for you.

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Productivity coaching

You’re swamped, and you have no idea how you’ll sharpen your time management skills enough to get everything done. Don’t worry, girl – my productivity offerings can help.


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Why TOA?

Since its inception in February 2021, The Organized Aesthetic has been focused on one thing: Helping busy, stressed out women implement systems that make their lives easier. What started as solely in-person organizing services evolved into virtual organizing and productivity coaching, as my mission became to help as many women as possible take back their lives by transforming their physical and mental space, replacing their sense of feeling overwhelmed with a sense of control.

It is my personal goal to offer the best organizing and productivity education opportunities in the marketplace that are actionable, achievable, and accessible no matter one’s budget. I hope to prove that with a little guidance and accountability, anyone can live an organized, productive lifestyle.

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Let’s kick things off by getting straight to the point.

I’ve always had a Type A personality. I mean, my poor parents literally had to deal with a meltdown any time one of my socks would go missing in the laundry. Yeah, it was like that.

BUT…fast forward 20 years, and guess whose Type A personality has turned into hyper-organized tendencies and impeccable time management skills? This girl’s!

I recently reached a point where I saw the benefits that these characteristics had created in my life — a sense of balance, lower stress levels, increased efficiency — and I wanted to figure out a way to share them with others. Cue The Organized Aesthetic.

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