Six must-have pantry products

Mar 14, 2023
Natalie placing organizing baskets in a pantry

BIG news, y’all. Michael and I just settled on an apartment for our move out west, and guess what? WE’LL HAVE A PANTRY!

For my non-city folk, this is a HUGE deal. I’ve been living without a pantry for the past eight years in Chicago, and while it’s doable, I am beyond excited that Denver offers me this designated space for food storage. It’s not huge, but it’s something!

I will, without a doubt, be purchasing organization products for this beloved pantry once we get out there. To celebrate my excitement (seeing as pantries are some of my favorite spaces to shop for), I wanted to share six of my must-have pantry products. Let’s just dive right in!


#1 – Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are the best pantry products, in my opinion – especially if you have a walk-in pantry with tricky corners. They provide easy access to anything you need with just a spin. I usually recommend using Lazy Susans for cans, jars, and oils, but they can truly hold just about anything you need.


#2 – Clear food containers

If you’re looking for organization products that will give your pantry that Pinterest aesthetic, look no further than clear food storage containers. These products are best for “decanting” dry goods, or taking them out of their original packaging and putting them in containers with airtight seals. Decanting items like flour, pastas, and cereals helps you know when you're running low while keeping the contents fresh. Bonus: They look pretty!


#3 – Can risers

If you’ve got a good chunk of space in between pantry shelves, this next organization product might be for you. Using can risers is a great way to take advantage of vertical space. By building upward, you’re able to see all of your labels. This way, you won’t grab the mandarin oranges while trying to actually grab the cream of mushroom soup.


#4 – Stackable baskets

Speaking of taking advantage of vertical space, stackable baskets are excellent pantry products to do just that with. These are great for snacks like chips, bars, etc. that you might want your kids to have easy access to if you’re a parent.


#5 – Multi-purpose bins

What’s a pantry without a multi-purpose bin? High-level categories like grains, baking, sides, etc. go best in basic multi-purpose bins, keeping the organization game easy for everyone who accesses the pantry. You can have a lot of fun with these products, too, depending on your style! Options include white bins, clear bins, woven baskets, and more.


#6 – Floor baskets

Backstock…we all have it. It’s never bad to be over-prepared, but if you don’t want your extra food and drink to be an eyesore, consider investing in some floor baskets. These pantry products come in some super cute designs and conceal large quantities of items, helping you keep that aesthetic we all know and love.


There you have it! I highly recommend looking into these organization products for your own pantry – just make sure you declutter and take measurements first!

If you want actual web links to my specific favorites, you can always scroll through my Like to Know It page. I linked it here for you!


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