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Jan 24, 2024
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In today's fast-paced world, women tend to wear many hats – balancing careers, taking care of families, and chasing personal growth. Navigating this whirlwind requires efficiency, which is exactly where personal productivity systems come in handy. In this blog post, you’ll find four different examples of productivity systems that might be right for you.

Before we get started, though, it’s important for you to understand that one size does not fit all  in the world of productivity! The list below is not exhaustive, and you can likely benefit from exploring a few different personal productivity systems that cater to your lifestyle and preferences. So, keep an open mind, and know that you’ll find the right fit!

Productivity system #1: Time blocking

Time blocking is a versatile productivity system that can be beneficial whether looking at your day as a whole, including work, family, and personal time, or if you’re only looking at one of those categories.

For instance, you can time block your day so that your mornings, say 7am-9am, are blocked for you, your day, say 9am-5pm, is blocked for work, and your evening, say 5pm-9pm, is blocked for family. To break that down even further, you can time block each of those blocks. Maybe 7am-7:30am is self care, 7:30am-8:30am is exercise, and 8:30am-9am is breakfast. You get the idea!

By allocating dedicated blocks of time to specific tasks or preferences, you can ensure that your day is well-rounded and easily keep yourself on track.

Productivity system #2: Kanban

Kanban, a visual project management system, is an excellent tool for women who thrive on visual cues and organized structures. It involves creating boards with cards representing tasks and moving those cards through stages, such as planned, doing, and done. This helps you see exactly what needs to get done and where it’s at in the stages of getting done, helping you manage tasks more efficiently.

A few tips if you decide to go the Kanban route:

  • Use color-coded cards for different categories of tasks (work, personal, family)
  • Regularly review and update the board to stay on top of tasks

Productivity system #3: Pomodoro

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that promotes focused work intervals followed by short breaks. This system is ideal for women who tend to get distracted easily, as it helps to maximize productivity while ensuring regular breaks to maintain energy and focus levels.

Each Pomodoro is 25 minutes long – so set a timer for 25 minutes of focused work, whether that’s actual work at your desk or work around the house, such as cleaning the kitchen. After each Pomodoro, take a short, 5-minute break to give your brain a breather. Once you’ve completed four Pomodoros, reward yourself with a longer break (15-30 minutes) to truly recharge.

Don’t you feel better already?! Less overwhelm, more action.

Productivity system #4: Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a powerful tool for women looking to strategically prioritize tasks based on how dire they are. By categorizing tasks into quadrants, this system assists in focusing efforts on high-priority and impactful activities.

If you choose to try out the Eisenhower Matrix productivity system, the first step is to classify your tasks into four categories: Urgent and Important, Important but Not Urgent, Urgent but Not Important, Not Urgent and Not Important. Once your tasks are categorized, prioritize those in the “Urgent and Important” category since those require immediate attention. Then, delegate or schedule the tasks in the other quadrants based on your priorities.

Empowering women through personalized productivity systems is not just about providing tools; it's about creating frameworks tailored to individual needs. To kickstart this transformative journey, consider booking a power hour with yours truly! This customized session is designed to delve into your unique challenges, goals, and preferences, resulting in the creation of a personal productivity system you can use for days to come.

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