Four mistakes you're making that keep your space from STAYING organized

Apr 05, 2023
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We've all been there: you organize your space, and it looks really good for a few days, but then you find yourself right back where you began a week later - in clutter and chaos! Staying organized can be tricky, but the good news is that there are plenty of tips and methods you can implement that will help you do it. 

Here are some organizing mistakes to avoid and things to try instead when working on staying organized:


Not putting the house to bed every night

You put yourself to bed, and if you're a mama you might put kids to bed, so why wouldn't you put the house to bed, too?

If you don't already put the house to bed every night, you should definitely consider implementing it into your daily routine. Basically, at the end of the day, allot some time to tidying up the home. For me, this means spending about 10 minutes or so doing dishes, folding blankets, and fluffing pillows, etc. 

For you, this could mean packing lunch for the next day, wiping down your counters, putting things back where they belong, etc. Everyone's routine is different, and everyone's home is different, so it's up to you to find out what will help you wake up and feel like you have a handle on things. That tidy space you wake up to just might boost your motivation and productivity, too!


Not having a weekly reset

Weekly resets are essential in my routine! Once a week, I get my space in order and plan my upcoming week. This includes cleaning, doing laundry, planning out meals, and mapping out my to-do list for the next seven days. 

Some benefits of having a weekly reset like this include:

  • You give yourself the time to refocus
  • It sets you up for a successful week
  • It helps you maintain organization

This can be a few steps long or an entire home reset. You can simply tidy up and fill out your planner, or you can deep clean, declutter, and more. As I always say, find what works best for YOU!


Not regularly decluttering

One of the biggest things that's probably holding you back from staying organized is clutter build-up. Failing to regularly declutter is a common organizing mistake. We buy new things and collect more items, and this can lead to your space looking cluttered and unorganized. 

A method I like to use is the 1 in, 1 out rule. It's pretty simple: When you buy or collect a new item, get rid of a similar item you already had. This way, you're not overcrowding your space with tons of duplicated items- or items you don't need anymore. A steady pace of in and out created a maintained system that keeps your space looking clutter-free!


Not using labels

I've said it before- and I'll say it again...USE LABELS! Labels can be an absolute game changer in keeping your space organized. When you designate "homes" for your items and label them as such, you hold yourself accountable for keeping things where they belong! If you're someone who is prone to tossing something wherever you please and thinks "I'll get to it later," labels might be the visual reminder you need. Creating designated homes for your items throughout your cabinets and drawers helps you maintain an efficient organization system.

Do you ever find yourself running out of the house, realizing you forgot something, then scrambling to find it? Bonus? If you keep your items labeled, you save yourself a TON of time looking for things!


There you have it! Four organizing mistakes to stop making in your own life if you're looking to get and stay organized. These tips should help you get started, but if you find yourself in need of more curated maintenance systems, contact me today about my organizing course.


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