Five benefits of using labels

Sep 30, 2022
Natalie's hands placing a label on a bin

Have you ever completely overhauled your space, only to forget where things are supposed to go? Or, have you found yourself wasting time trying to find one of your belongings, even though you swear you put it down “right here” yesterday?

We’re only human, so if you’ve found yourself in either of these situations before, know that that’s totally fair. BUT…also know that there’s an easy fix!

Labeling is a fundamental organizing system that totally uplevels your space. How? Here are five ways!


Labels save time

Nobody enjoys tearing their space apart trying to find an item that should be easily accessible. This can waste your time and build up a ton of frustration.

If your bins, drawers, shelves, etc. are labeled, you can find an item’s home, and therefore the item itself, in a quick glance. This saves you from wasting time rummaging through your home trying to find something.  


Labels provide clarity to everyone using the space

Whether you’re living with one other person or you’ve got a whole family at home, having everything labeled avoids confusion (especially with the kiddos). No one will be left wondering where to put things, and items won’t be placed where they don’t belong.This is a BIG benefit of labeling if you have a busy household!

Pro tip for my mamas of young kids out there: Label using colors or images if your little one can’t read yet!


Labels save money

Sometimes we buy something and then come back home to realize that we already had it. If you keep your items labeled and in categories, you know where to look for things before heading to the store. This makes it easy to do a quick inventory check, helping you avoid buying duplicates and, in the end, saving you money!


Labels reduce frustration

Whenever I’m trying to find an item I’ve misplaced, I find myself getting frustrated, and that frustration often leads to stress. Knowing exactly where things are (or, at least, should be!) helps streamline my day, keeping me calm, cool, and collected.


Labels are aesthetically pleasing 

Let’s face it…there’s nothing better than a Pinterest-worthy pantry or closet! Not only is labeling super functional, but it also makes your space look organized and aesthetic. 

Now, if you don’t have a label maker, know that you can still reap these benefits! All you need is some painter’s tape and a Sharpie, and voila - you’ve got labels. No matter what your labels look like and no matter which space you’re working in,  know that labeling is the secret recipe for long-term, easily maintainable organization. 


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