Sweaters stacked neatly via plastic bins
Wire shelf with plastic lining
Clutch purses in plastic divider
Fifty black velvet hangers
Shirts stacked next to a plastic shelf divider
Black hamper with three bags
Two pairs of shoes neatly stacked via plastic bins
Three pairs of boots upright on boot holder
Cloth-lined gray baskets on two shelves


Gray fabric drawer organizers in various sizes
Set of four plastic drawer dividers


Glass spice jars with matching labels
White plastic storage bins with handles
Spice packets standing upright in a packet organizer
Clear plastic lazy Susan holding spices
Wicker storage basket with handles
Clear cereal container with white lid
Cans neatly stacked on clear plastic shelf riser
Clear plastic rectangular pantry bin
Set of twelve clear food storage containers in various sizes


Clear plastic drawer organizers in various sizes holding kitchen utensils
Bowls stacked on top of white wire shelf
Set of six bamboo drawer dividers
Plates stacked on top of white wire shelf
Spices organized on clear plastic drawer riser
Pans and lids organized upright

Linen Closet/Laundry Room

Set of four stackable plastic drawers
Cloth-lined white woven basket
White tennis shoes inside gray plastic weave basket
Package of two Command broom hooks
White plastic storage bins with handles
Large glass mason jar with dispenser


Three-tiered white rolling cart
Notebooks and binders stored upright in plastic bins
Black laptop riser


PTouch Cube Plus label maker
Set of eight black label clips with list of labels
Clear container of museum gel