Project Feature: Revamping a Small Bathroom

Spring is fast approaching, which means many people’s spring cleaning is underway! Spring cleaning isn’t just about the act of cleaning, though. It includes decluttering and organizing, too. And while combining all three of these things can come off as a big undertaking, I promise, it’s not as intimidating as it seems!

To boost your motivation, I’m highlighting a recent bathroom organizing project that can serve as some inspiration. I had recently organized a master closet for a client, and a few weeks later, she reached out to me to organize her bathroom as well. I LOVE having repeat clients because it means the systems we put in place have been working well enough for a client to want to trickle into other areas as well!

Goals for an organized bathroom

When I spoke to my client during our initial consultation, I asked what her goals were for her bathroom organizing project. She reported she wanted:

- To be able to see almost everything she owns

- To have a place for towels

- To have a clear countertop

Easy enough, right? Wrong. While these goals were definitely achievable, they were a bit challenging given the size of the bathroom! I mean, we’re talking Chicago living spaces, y’all. But, here at TOA, I always work my magic…

What all goes into an organizing project with TOA

The first step in working my magic was the consultation call that I just discussed. I got on Zoom with my client to gain a better understanding of the project, how she uses the space, and what her goals are in hiring me.

Next up, I swung by to take some measurements. Typically, all I need is a quick 30 minutes and I’m out of your hair. I oftentimes go over 30 minutes with this client, though, because we both LOVE to talk pop culture and can get a bit distracted! Hahaha.

After I took down the measurements, I started space planning. For this project in particular, I prioritized keeping items visible, per the client’s request, and maximizing space in order to achieve the clear countertop goal. Within a week’s time, I sent over my drawings and product list to my client for approval, which she gave me right away!

As soon as the products were delivered, it was time to give my client the organized bathroom she always dreamed of! I moved cleaning products from under the sink into the hall closet, installed a few shelves in her walls, and got to work categorizing and organizing.

The final reveal

From transformed bathroom drawers to added storage space, this organizing project was a winner! All of my client’s goals were achieved, and the newly established systems are more in line with the way she uses the space. I dropped some befores and afters below for you to check out.

So…feeling inspired yet? If so, but you’re still a little overwhelmed at the thought of tackling things all on your own, my services might just be right for you. Get in touch today and we can hop on a quick 15-minute strategy call, no strings attached!

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