Project Feature: A Virtual Closet Transformation

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

If you follow me on social media, you know just how much I love my virtual organizing services. Why? Because seeing YOU implement systems that are custom tailored to YOU is so fulfilling! It’s a great reminder that with a little guidance, anyone can live an organized, intentional lifestyle.

I recently had a client purchase my virtual organizing services to complete a storage closet transformation and oh my gosh, what a transformation it was. Check out these photos!

I know what you might be thinking. How? Are you sure that’s the same closet? How do I get my closet to look like that?

It really is a mind-blowing closet transformation, so I wanted to break it down for you. Come along as I take you through the behind-the-scenes of this virtual organizing project!

The Discovery Call

I typically chat with potential clients on the phone to get a feel for what they’re looking for before scheduling a consultation. With this client, all she had to do was compare her catch-all closet to the “Monica closet,” and I knew we were destined to work together.

Session 1: The Consultation

My client and I walked through a bunch of questions so I could fully understand her goals for an organized closet. We talked about everything from vision to bin material to budget.

Her homework? Take “before” photos, use my decluttering sheets (available in my Facebook group) to declutter the closet, fill in a general inventory template, and send measurements. Mine? Enter hype girl mode and support her every step of the way!

Session 2: The Game Plan

Lucky for me, my client was amazing at decluttering, which is sometimes the hardest part. Now that we knew what she was keeping, we could discuss what would make the most sense where based on her day-to-day workflow. We went through the inventory list and talked about how often she’d be accessing each item.

Her homework? Nothing! Mine? Create a space plan.

Session 3: The Implementation

Once the space plan was created and approved by my client, it came time to schedule organizing day! By this point, we both had a vision, and we were amped to see this organized closet come to life. Now because we were using a custom Elfa system, she installed that before our final Zoom session. Fortunately, Elfa is super easy to install, so we were off to a great start!

My client and I spent only about an hour implementing everything else. This included categorizing items, containing them, and organizing those containers in the closet. Usually, I’d send a custom set of labels to finish everything off, but my client actually had a label maker, so she rocked that herself! …and, seriously, how good was that closet transformation, y’all?! She even has space for her vacuum and steamer! While the before and after side-by-side is satisfying, what’s even more satisfying is the excitement and happiness that my client exuded about her newly organized closet. After all, she made this happen herself…I just gave a little guidance! So…are you feeling inspired?! I hope so! I’m SO confident you can make this happen for yourself, too, no matter what space you’re organizing. And if you need some help, simply fill out my contact form today.

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