Why your new year's resolution should be to get organized

Mar 14, 2023
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Happy (almost) New Year, TOA fam!

Can you believe it’s that time?! Me neither. It feels like just yesterday I was researching everything I needed to do to start a professional organizing business, and now here we are, hanging out on this blog! I digress…

This time of year always gets pretty reflective for me, and as cheesy as it is, I love setting New Year’s resolutions. There’s something about having a clean slate and clear goals to work towards! Of course, many people elect to get healthier, save more money, or take up a new hobby as their New Year’s resolutions. And those are all awesome choices! But I’m of the opinion that one of the best goals to set for 2022 is to get organized.

Why? I’ll gladly tell you!


Getting organized gives you a fresh start

Remember that clean slate I mentioned in the introduction of this blog post? Sure, I was talking about the new year itself, but an organized home can also be a clean slate!

When you purse an organized lifestyle, you have to start with decluttering. This process forces you to determine what you really value and want to keep in your life, and gifts you the opportunity to part ways with what you don’t.

At the end, you feel so much lighter. Oftentimes, I see my decluttering clients adapt a totally new mindset surrounding their space and subsequently, their life. This fresh look on things is your fresh start, your clean slate, if you will, and is a great thing to kickstart the new year with!


Getting organized helps you feel better about yourself and your space

Clutter and disorganization can cause shame, embarrassment, and stress. These feelings tend to affect not only how we feel about our space, but about ourselves as well. We think about what must be wrong with us that we’re living this way, how guilty we feel that can’t we spend more time with our families, and so on.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Getting organized can give you back time, control, and even confidence. Of course, it has a drastic effect on your physical surroundings, but it also has an extremely positive effect on your mental health. Overall, you’ll just feel…better.


A New Year’s resolution of getting organized boosts productivity

Once you’re organized, your productivity starts to increase. Living in an organized space means that everything has a home and you know where that home is. Because of this, as I mentioned in a previous blog post, Eight Ways Organizing Improves Your Life, your efficiency goes up dramatically. You don’t have things distracting you, so your focus is increased, and you have more free time that you can fill with other tasks or New Year’s resolutions if you so choose! (But don’t forget to allow for time to REST…we love mental health!)


Getting organized continues to reward you

Do you ever wish you had more time on your hands? Or maybe a little extra spending money? Surprise! Being organized can help with that.

By spending less time looking for things, you gain back time in your day. By knowing exactly how much of everything you have, you eliminate overbuying. Bam. More time on your hands and more money in your pocket.


These are the benefits of organizing, or gifts, if you will, that keep on giving! Implementing and maintaining organizational systems in your home and life will continually reap rewards, I guarantee it. And who doesn’t want to attract allllll the good things in 2022?!

As you can see, I’m a firm believer that getting organized is the ultimate New Year’s resolution. If you agree and need some help tackling your projects, don’t hesitate to submit my contact form and we can schedule a free strategy call.


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