Don’t forget these spots when spring cleaning

Mar 22, 2023
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Spring cleaning is here, and even if you consider yourself a pro cleaner, there are some spots in your home that you may overlook. From fan blades all the way down to baseboards, make sure you’re getting into the crooks and nannies of your space. These spots tend to build up dirt because they’re out of sight and out of mind, but cleaning these hard-to-reach places will improve the quality of your space AND your everyday life! Trust me – you’ll feel so good.

Here are some areas that are often forgotten about in the day-to-day cleaning routine…make sure you don’t miss them this spring!


Your air vents

The air quality in your home can have a big impact on your health, and therefore your productivity. Clean, dustless air vents can help to improve that air quality as well as air flow, making your space feel so much cleaner. If you don’t clean your air vents regularly, now is a great time to implement this habit.


Your mattress

Even if you use mattress pads and linens, mattresses build up a whole collection of dirt. A mattress is a big investment up front and you use it every day, so you want to make sure it lasts! Preventing the build up of sweat, skin cells, and dust will prevent sleep deficiency and other health issues. Never neglect to clean the things you use every day!

Pro tip here: Check the tag on your mattress to see how best to clean it. You’ll likely need to call in a professional, but it’s worth it!


Behind your washer and dryer

Have you ever dropped something behind your dryer, reached to grab it, and were shocked at how dirty it was? Dust loves to hide in the hard-to-reach areas, and this includes the crevices in your laundry room. With all the water, cleaning chemicals, and dust that gather in this space, you want to keep it clean to avoid mold and other grime. 

Cleaning the areas behind your washer and dryer might require some heavy lifting – especially given they’re hard to reach – so bring those muscles!


Your kitchen appliances

You might think that a dishwasher cleans itself, but I hate to break it to you - it doesn’t. In order to maximize your dishwasher’s capabilities, it needs to be clean! Want sparkly clean dishes? Make sure your dishwasher is sparkly clean itself!

The same goes for all kitchen appliances – I’m talking the microwave, stove, toaster, etc. t can make a world of a difference when cooking with clean appliances vs. dirty ones. Cooking oils, burnt food, and crumbs build up and decrease the efficiency of your appliances, so while they can be a bit of a pain to scrub down, you’ll notice a BIG difference!


The fan blades

Ceiling fans, and even standing oscillating fans, collect dust and grime quickly. Think about it – when you turn them on, those toxicities are being blown alllllll around your space. 

It’s easy to neglect this spot because you don’t always see it, but that doesn’t mean the dirt isn’t there. So go get yourself a Swiffer duster and give those blades a wipe! 


Your blinds

Just like fans blowing dust and dirt everywhere, opening and closing your blinds will do the same thing. All types of blinds attract dust, and that dust can get to be really visible when the light starts shining through. 

As soon as you’re done dusting your fan blades, bring that duster on over to your blinds.


Your light fixtures

Similar to the blinds I just mentioned, light attracts and shows dust more than other items in your home. The build-up of grime on your light fixtures can dim the overall lighting in your home; in fact, according to, bulbs can appear up to 30% dimmer if the shades or covers are dirty! Keep things bright by wiping those fixtures down every once in a while – especially during spring cleaning.


The baseboards

You might keep up with your floors by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, but do you ever check your baseboards? They are the perfect spot for dust and dirt to collect. A washcloth or magic eraser will help get the job done quickly and easily!


If you want more spring cleaning tips, shoot me an email at [email protected], and let’s hop on a free call. 


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